Terms and condition

1. Introduction and Agreement Acceptance

We appreciate you selecting Tour Hawker. We go above and above to ensure that your holiday is enjoyable. Before you make any reservations for tours, vacations, or services, or before you transact with Tour Hawker in any way, whether it be online via the Tour Hawker website, a mobile application, or at one of the company's sales offices, we ask that you read, comprehend, and abide by the "Terms and Conditions" listed below along with the Privacy Policy. It is acknowledged that by reserving a tour or service with Tour Hawker, you unconditionally commit to accept and follow the "Terms and Conditions." If there is anything in these "Terms and Conditions" that you find objectionable.

The following terms and conditions apply to all group tours, personalized vacations, and other domestic and international services and goods.

All clauses, representations, terms, and conditions stated in the "Terms and Conditions" are subject to change, variation, addition, amplification, or waiver by Tour Hawker.

Regarding the interpretation of these "Terms and Conditions," Tour Hawker is the ultimate arbiter


You may also refer to these "Rules and Regulations" as "Terms and Conditions."

'Website' refers to both Tour Hawker's website and its mobile applications combined.

"Tour Hawker Private Limited Terms and Conditions" shall be referred to as applied to these "Terms and Conditions."


A contract will be signed by every visitor who inquires about or buys any goods from Tour Hawker via its website, mobile application, branch office, sales office, or contact center. When both Tour Hawker and the visitor execute a contract, it is said to have been completed. Upon execution of a contract, all parties are legally bound by the "Terms and Conditions" listed on the Tour Hawker website, trip planner, brochure, or reservation form.

When making a reservation with Tour Hawker, a visitor must be eighteen years of age or older.

Because the booking is handled based on the information submitted on the booking form, the guest is required to make sure that all of the information given is accurate. The guest is responsible for covering any loss or revision costs in the event that any information is erroneous.

Tour Hawker retains the right to accept or reject any reservation made by any person or people, as well as to cancel a reservation for any reason.

4. Tour Package, Tour Registration, and Costs

A guest must pay Tour Hawker using check, demand draft, NEFT, RTGS, IMPS, payment apps or wallets like BHIM, or any UPI in order to reserve any tour, package, or service. The sole name under which any payments should be made is "Tour Hawker ." We encourage our guests to make digital payments and we back India's "Go Digital" campaign. In accordance with Government of India standards, cash payments in Indian rupees accompanied with PAN are accepted.

A convenience charge will be applied to payments made by credit card, debit card, and online transfer, and the visitor will be responsible for paying the additional amount.

Subject to seat availability, a passenger who books the tour in advance is likely to receive the best deal that the company offers. In a similar vein, a guest who books the tour at the last minute can be charged a premium, or the other way around. The purpose of this pricing structure is to encourage early tour reservations.

5. Package Discount Policy

Tour Hawker reserves the right to refuse any discount, savings, or benefit on the tour fee. Validity, amount, %, number of seats, dates, age group, category, full payment, partial payment, registration amount, early booking, last-minute booking, group booking, etc. are all factors in the discount strategy.

The discount facility will be withdrawn and the tour will be re-priced for the relevant guest or guests, and the guest will have to honor and abide by the same, if the guest does not fulfill the conditions of the discount, such as making full payment within the timeline, submitting guest/s details/documents in stipulated time, or failing to meet the prescribed guest count for the respective discount, etc.

6. Documentation

Documents Required to Book a Tour:

To book a domestic trip, a guest needs to present a valid photo ID proof, and to book an international tour, they need to present a valid passport. In accordance with the RBI requirements, both domestic and overseas tours require the filing of a PAN.

To travel on the tour, it is the guest's exclusive obligation to possess valid travel documents and statutory clearances, such as passports, visas, Airline tickets, insurance, any necessary medical or legal certifications, etc.

Identification by Photo:

Aadhar cards, election ID cards, PAN cards, driving licenses, and school or college ID cards for students are forms of photo identification that all visitors must carry with them for domestic tours in India. This is because officials may request photo identification at airports, train stations, certain tourist destinations, safari parks, border areas, etc., and each visitor must provide it upon request


All visitors, even young ones, must have a machine-readable passport that is valid for at least 180 days after the date of the tour's return, together with any necessary visas, in order to go overseas. Every detail in the passport, including the name, address, validity, expiration date, and any blank pages for a visa, must be verified by the visitor.

The guest will be responsible for any applicable cancellation fees in the event that a passport-related issue causes the tour to be canceled. For a select few tours, Tour Hawker acting as a facilitator, gathers the passports of the guests and submits them to different private organizations, consulates, and embassies. Since Tour Hawker has no direct or indirect control over these authorities or their operations, it cannot be held responsible or liable for any damages or refunds in the event that the passport is misplaced or destroyed during this process.

Visa for Travel Abroad:

The consulate must issue a visa in order to let a visitor to enter their nation for a certain amount of time. In order to participate in the tour, guests must make sure they have valid visas. As a visa facilitator, Tour Hawker helps visitors prepare their visa applications, submit them, and, if necessary, pick up their passports from the embassy

The consulate may get in touch with the guest(s) for further information or to schedule a personal interview during the visa application process, even if all necessary paperwork has been filed.

7. Itinerary of the Tour

• Tour Hawker makes every effort to run the trip in accordance with the planned schedule. The itinerary provided at the time of booking or listed on the website, brochure, or pamphlet is based on the information that was available at the time and is subject to change based on a number of variables, including airline, cruise, rail, state or national regulations, hotel, and sightseeing, among others.

Before the trip departs or during the tour, Hawker maintains the right to modify the schedule. The guests will be informed about the same by phone, email, or SMS, or while on tour by the tour manager.

8. Airline

Air tickets are included on Tour Hawker group tours. Certain tour categories could not include airline tickets.

When it comes to group excursions that include airfare, Tour Hawker reserves tickets well in advance—sometimes even a year before the tour departs—by paying the airline an advance or deposit.

When a guest purchases a ticket for an air tour or FIT package from Tour Hawker , it is assumed that they have accepted the terms and conditions of the airline regarding travel, baggage, meals, and other services, in addition to any applicable local, state, federal, and international laws pertaining to air travel

9. Touring on the Road

According on the schedule, air-conditioned, air-cooled, or non-air-conditioned cars are utilized for trips. Big coaches, mini coaches, tempo travelers, jeeps, vehicles, or taxis are some of the transportation options for road trips, depending on the kind of tour, the schedule, the state of the roads, and the number of participants.

The priority of the tour booking date determines which seats are assigned in the coach.

Tour Hawker shall not be responsible for paying visitors' fees for sightseeing missed because of unforeseeable events like as traffic jams, landslides, road closures, or protests on the road.

10. Rail and Cruises

Tour Hawker provides single- or multi-night cruises on select of its itineraries, in addition to special cruise tours.

Subject to availability, an upgrade to a balcony cabin or suite will be offered at an extra cost.

It is the obligation of the guest to arrive on time and avoid missing the train, since they will be responsible for the cost and repercussions if they do so.

11. Policy for Cancellations and Refunds

Any tour or package that has services reserved or blocked several months in advance will have money forfeited if the services are canceled at the last minute, depending on when the provider receives the cancellation notification.

As a result, cancellations of any scheduled tour or service will result in the cancellation fees listed below. A third-party product or service, such as an airline, cruise, train, hotel, restaurant, caterer, sightseeing business, etc., is also included in your tour.

Any requests to cancel services or tours must be made in writing, with a clear explanation of the cancellation sent by email from the guest's registered email address to Tour Hawker at cancellation pkg@tourhawker.com.

The aforementioned conditions and policy are explicitly accepted by all attendees.

12. Contact Us

To address any questions or concerns you may have regarding your tour, payment, refund, website, Terms and Conditions, etc., please send an email to Pkg@tourhawker.com , call 8448464434, or write Tour Hawker , Plot No.- 429, Upper Floor, Near Pillar No -795,Dwarka Mor Metro Station, New Delhi 110078, India