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Meili Snow Mountain

Day 1: Arrival in Deqin Morning: Arrive in Deqin, the closest town to Meili Snow Mountain, either by bus or private transportation from Shangri-La or other nearby cities. Afternoon: Check into your accommodation in Deqin and take some time to rest after your journey. If time allows, explore the charming town of Deqin, known for its Tibetan culture and stunning mountain views. Evening: Enjoy a traditional Tibetan dinner at a local restaurant, sampling dishes such as yak meat, butter tea, and momos (Tibetan dumplings). Relax and acclimate to the altitude, as Deqin is situated at over 3,500 meters above sea level.

Day 2: Feilai Temple and Mingyong Glacier Morning: After breakfast, embark on a scenic drive to Feilai Temple, nestled in the foothills of Meili Snow Mountain. Explore the temple complex, which offers panoramic views of the mountain range and is an important pilgrimage site for Tibetan Buddhists. Afternoon: Continue your journey to Mingyong Glacier, one of the lowest-altitude glaciers in the world. Hike or ride a horse up to the glacier viewpoint, taking in the stunning scenery along the way. Marvel at the towering peaks of Meili Snow Mountain and the icy blue hues of the glacier. Evening: Return to Deqin in the late afternoon and relax at your accommodation. Enjoy dinner at a local restaurant and spend the evening stargazing, as Meili Snow Mountain is known for its clear night skies.

Day 3: Yubeng Village Morning: Depart from Deqin early in the morning and travel to Yubeng Village, a remote Tibetan village nestled deep in the mountains of Meili Snow Mountain. The journey involves a combination of driving and hiking, as Yubeng is only accessible by foot or horseback. Afternoon: Arrive in Yubeng Village and check into your accommodation, which may include guesthouses or homestays operated by local Tibetan families. Explore the village and surrounding area, taking in the pristine natural beauty and traditional Tibetan architecture. Evening: Enjoy a traditional Tibetan dinner prepared by your hosts and relax by the fire, listening to stories and songs passed down through generations. Experience the peacefulness and tranquility of life in a remote mountain village.

Day 4: Sacred Waterfall and Departure Morning: Wake up early to hike to the Sacred Waterfall, a sacred site for Tibetan Buddhists and a highlight of any visit to Yubeng Village. Marvel at the powerful cascades and serene surroundings as you offer prayers and make offerings at the waterfall. Afternoon: Return to Yubeng Village for lunch before beginning the journey back to Deqin. Bid farewell to the villagers and take one last look at the majestic peaks of Meili Snow Mountain. Evening: Arrive back in Deqin in the late afternoon. Depending on your onward travel plans, either spend the evening in Deqin or begin your journey back to Shangri-La or other nearby cities.

Meili Snow Mountain





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Frequently asked Questions:

Meili Snow Mountain, also known as Kawakarpo or Kawa Karpo, is located in the Yunnan Province of China, near the border with Tibet.

Meili Snow Mountain is considered sacred in Tibetan Buddhism and is believed to be the residence of the protective deity Kawagebo. It holds great religious significance for the local Tibetan population.

The highest peak of Meili Snow Mountain, Kawagebo Peak, stands at an elevation of 6,740 meters (22,112 feet).

Yes, Meili Snow Mountain is part of the Three Parallel Rivers of Yunnan Protected Areas, a UNESCO World Heritage Site recognized for its biodiversity and cultural significance.

The best time to visit Meili Snow Mountain is during the spring and autumn when the weather is relatively mild, and the landscapes are stunning. Winter can be very cold, and summer may bring rain.

Yes, there are trekking routes and hiking trails around Meili Snow Mountain, offering breathtaking views of the snow-capped peaks, glaciers, and alpine landscapes.

Yes, the Kora or pilgrimage route around Meili Snow Mountain is a sacred journey for Tibetan Buddhists. It circumambulates the mountain and includes visits to significant religious sites.

Due to the sacred nature of Meili Snow Mountain, there may be certain restrictions on trekking routes, and visitors are encouraged to respect the local customs and religious practices.

Some of the main attractions include the Kawagebo Peak, Mingyong Glacier, Yubeng Village, and the Yubeng Waterfall, each offering unique natural beauty.

Visitors can reach Meili Snow Mountain from Lijiang or Shangri-La by taking a bus, hiring a private car, or joining organized tours that offer transportation and guided experiences in the region.