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Jinli Old Street

Day 1: Arrival in Chengdu Morning: Arrive in Chengdu and check into your accommodation. Choose a hotel located near Jinli Old Street for convenience. Afternoon: Visit Wuhou Shrine, located adjacent to Jinli Old Street. Explore the historic shrine dedicated to Zhuge Liang, a renowned strategist of the Three Kingdoms period, and walk through the beautiful gardens and ancient architecture. Evening: Head to Jinli Old Street for dinner and exploration. Wander through the lively street, lined with traditional Sichuan-style buildings, colorful lanterns, and an array of street food vendors and shops. Sample local delicacies such as spicy hotpot, Sichuan dumplings, and skewers of grilled meat.

Day 2: Jinli Old Street Exploration Morning: Start your day with a leisurely stroll along Jinli Old Street. Explore the various alleys and lanes, admiring the intricate wood carvings, traditional handicrafts, and local artwork on display. Afternoon: Visit the Jinli Ancient Stage, located in the heart of Jinli Old Street. Learn about the history of Sichuan opera and watch a traditional performance featuring face-changing, fire-spitting, and acrobatics. Evening: Enjoy dinner at a local restaurant in Jinli Old Street, trying out different Sichuan specialties. Afterward, experience the bustling nightlife of Chengdu by visiting nearby bars, teahouses, or traditional Sichuan opera tea houses.

Day 3: Cultural Immersion Morning: Participate in a traditional Sichuan cuisine cooking class. Learn to prepare classic dishes such as mapo tofu, kung pao chicken, and fish-flavored eggplant under the guidance of a local chef. Afternoon: Take a break from the city and visit the nearby Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding. Spend the afternoon observing these iconic animals in their natural habitat and learning about conservation efforts. Evening: Return to Jinli Old Street for a farewell dinner. Indulge in a hotpot feast or dine at a gourmet restaurant specializing in Sichuan cuisine. After dinner, take one last stroll along Jinli Old Street to soak in the atmosphere and pick up any last-minute souvenirs.

Jinli Old Street





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Frequently asked Questions:

Jinli Old Street is a historic and cultural street located in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, China. It is renowned for its ancient architecture, traditional culture, and vibrant atmosphere.

Jinli Old Street is situated in the eastern part of Chengdu, near the Wuhou Shrine and the Renmin Park.

Jinli Old Street dates back to the Three Kingdoms period (220-280 AD) and was rebuilt in 2004 to showcase the architectural style of the Shu Kingdom.

The street is lined with traditional-style buildings, tea houses, snack stalls, and shops offering local crafts and souvenirs. Notable attractions include the Wuhou Shrine, a famous temple dedicated to Zhuge Liang.

Generally, there is no specific entrance fee for Jinli Old Street itself. However, some attractions within the area, such as the Wuhou Shrine, may have separate entrance fees.

Jinli Old Street is lively both during the day and in the evening. The evenings, when the street is illuminated with traditional lanterns, offer a particularly charming atmosphere.

Yes, Jinli Old Street often hosts traditional performances, cultural events, and local celebrations. Visitors may have the chance to witness Sichuan opera, folk music, and other traditional arts.

Yes, Jinli Old Street is known for its variety of local snacks and traditional Sichuan dishes. It's a great place to explore and indulge in the diverse flavors of Sichuan cuisine.

While efforts have been made to make Jinli Old Street accessible, the ancient architecture and uneven surfaces may present challenges for those with mobility issues. It's advisable to check for specific accessibility features.

Yes, in addition to the Wuhou Shrine, visitors can explore nearby attractions such as Kuanzhai Alley, the Du Fu Thatched Cottage, and the Qingyang Palace, creating a comprehensive experience of Chengdu's cultural heritage.